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Our values can be summed up in two words: freedom and responsibility. Freedom to keep control of all our personal information. Responsibility to assume and account personally for our actions. Our IT tools are created to allow users to maintain control over individual freedoms which are specific to the right of everyone.

All our IT tools are guaranteed without any possible external access to user’s data. We can guarantee it because the computer tools that we develop do not make any use of the notions of Private Key / Public Key, as data encryption systems generally do, partly explaining their weakness and the reason for which no encoding or encryption system is completely reliable to date. Beware, this means that we cannot and will never be able to provide a key or a means to access the data, because our algorithms simply do not integrate this kind of process and store no information. The disadvantage is that we will never be able to help a user recover their data if they mishandled or lost the decoding information.

Our entire team, administration, research and development, designers and developers are composed of Swiss citizens. The country in which we live, Switzerland, is known for its strict respect for confidentiality. Privacy laws are among the most severe in the world. 



The information we collect about our customers are intended for the sole internal use of EX0-SyS IT tools, for instance upon activating an online software license. We do not record or transmit any personal data. We pay special attention to the confidentiality of our customers’ information and we do not exploit, sell or share any information with third parties. We are committed to never giving public access to any information regarding the contact details of our customers, whether they are individuals, major accounts or government agencies. The EX0-SyS company and its members are committed to the utmost discretion in their activities and employ the strictest confidentiality standards.


Transparency is the essential condition for our customer’s trust. We are committed to providing clear and accessible information to all the users of our products. For quality and transparency reasons, we communicate clearly about the way we handle digital data related to the use of our applications and services. We inform our users clearly and directly about the nature of the processed data and the methods employed to do so.

Our one-way physical identification system, Ex0-UiD, establishes with certainty if a computer is indeed what it claims to be (Anti-Spoofing). The Ex0-UiD identifier is unique to every computer and cannot be reversed to identify a user or a computer. The user can safely and openly communicate their Ex0-UiD identifier to a third party, who will then be able to protect the data to be transmitted back to the user, with the certainty that the information can only be exploited by the computer that generated the Ex0-UiD.


We are committed to providing tools whose basic design prevents all types of backdoor integration, which would allow unauthorized access to the user’s data. Our computer tools are developed in a way as to make it impossible to access the data, even at the lowest level. Our computer security systems are developed so that the installation of backdoors is impossible, thus we will never be able to respond positively to the authorities or intelligence services or any other official body that would like to access them legitimately. Put simply, our algorithms make this operation impossible within their core. We can guarantee this security, partly because the computer tools we develop do not use the concepts of Private Keys / Public Keys as do most conventional encryption systems, which partly explains their weakness and that to date none of them is completely reliable. While our algorithms greatly increase the security of the user’s personal data, it implies that we simply cannot and will never be able to provide any means of unauthorized external or local access to secure data.

Our algorithms do not store any information allowing the implementation of any reverse engineering concept. We are working very carefully on this as we consider all possible scenarios of uncontrolled access and we do establish solutions so that such access is simply impossible. The disadvantage (or advantage to some) is that we won’t ever be able to assist the user to recover any data in case of mishandling or loss of decoding information.


The ultimate guarantee for our customers is that all our projects, from research to design, development and realization, are made locally. Our team, administration, developers and designers are all carefully vetted and selected Swiss citizens. Ex0-SyS strives to bring together a highly qualified, selected and motivated staff, able to join a demanding team, passionate about particularly complex and sensitive security issues, risks and strategic intelligence. The country in which we live, Switzerland, is known for its strict respect for confidentiality. Privacy laws are among the most severe in the world. If Switzerland wasn’t a nursery of high-tech companies with very high quality human resources, our products would never have reached their level of excellence.

All members of the Ex0-SyS team agree to adhere, without exception, to a moral ethic based on respect for individuals, communities and cultures. The Ex0-SyS company defends its independence and its autonomy with a total control of its capital, held by natural persons of Swiss nationality on Swiss territory.

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