How to protect a Word document ?

As you should know, cybersecurity issues are becoming increasingly important. It is therefore very important to protect your documents as much as possible so that not everyone can read them. Depending on the importance of the information contained in a Word file, it is quite possible and very easy to want to increase access restrictions. With a few clicks, you can define which are the only people who can access the folder. This is especially interesting if you are doing group work and do not want all your colleagues to be able to read your documents.

There is no single way to protect a Word file. We will therefore discover what these different solutions are to better protect your files.

You can initially put a file in read-only mode, this allows you to read the document but not to make any changes. It is always very interesting to share a file and to know the opinion of your collaborators. The second solution, which is even more secure, is to simply put a password on your file. This way, only people who know this password will be able to access your document.

What are the steps to put a Word document in read-only mode?

There are two ways to do this:
The first method is directly on Word
For this first method, it is sufficient to set the function “Mark as final”. This is to block all editing or other functions in your document. Thus the person can read but cannot make changes to it.
For this solution, once you have finished making your documents, click on “File”, then on “Information” and on “Protect” the document. Then click “Mark as final”.

The second method with Windows

1. Press the “Windows” and “E” keys at the same time to open the File Explorer. Go to the folder containing the file to be protected.
2. Select the Word folder to protect, then right-click on your selection and choose “Properties”.
3. In the “General” tab of the window that appears, check the “Read only” box. If the box is filled in and not ticked, it means that there are already read-only documents. Click to clear the box, then click again to check the box. Then click on “Apply”.

To password protect a Word document

1. In your Word file, click on “File”, then on “Information” and on “Protect the document”.  A “Encrypt with a password” window opens.
2. Enter the chosen password and click on “OK”.
3. Retype the password and click on “OK”. Your file is now protected.

Conclusion :
With these three methods, you will be able to protect all your files and folders in Word. These solutions are very simple to implement. However, if you choose to protect your document with a password, always remember not to choose one that is too simple or it will not be of much use. Upper and lower case letters with numbers and special characters are required. Now you’re ready to protect your documents.

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