How to protect your folders and files with Windows!

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, it is necessary to be able to protect files against cyber attacks. Indeed, between our computer, our smartphone or a tablet, we have private data everywhere on the net. You must therefore be able to have good protection so that you don’t get them hacked. As you will have understood, we have more data than yesterday, among the latter, there are some that are in the private domain and that we do not necessarily want to share with everyone. For example, photos, videos, our bank details, a facebook or twitter account, etc. If they are not sufficiently protected, there is a very significant risk that one day or another they will end up on the Internet. Indeed, it is not very hard for a hacker to find your files or folders if you do not protect them sufficiently with a password. In this regard, avoid overly simple passwords such as your birthday.

Protect your data with Windows: how to do it?

The most common method used is to have a password. The latter must therefore be used to block the people who will hack into your data.  For Windows users, it is not very complicated to do this as I will show you in this article. You will discover this method on Windows which is really very simple to implement if you follow step by step what I will explain to you.  So you will then be able to protect everything you want with a password to increase the security of your private files. Of course there are also other programs that can be free or paid for but Windows protection is very easy to use! Are you ready to go? Then let’s go!!

The different steps with Windows to create a password and secure your folders?

As I told you, it’s very simple! Simply make a new folder or copy the folder you want to protect so you don’t lose your main data. Right-click on the folder, then click on properties. Then go to the “Security” tab, select “Administrators” and then “Edit”.

Select Administrators again and Go to Authorization for Administrators, check “Reject”. Click “Yes”.

After clicking OK, you can try to open the folder! A window will open to inform you that you do not have access to this file.

However, this Windows method is not the best for the security of your files. Indeed, if a person knows this method, he or she will not need much time to open your file. This technique is based only on whether or not you can open a file. This is very convenient for simple protection but it is still preferable to have solutions that use a password.

Conclusion :

All you have to do is choose who can open your files or not. This protection method is very quick to set up, but it is advisable to use another solution for files that you consider much more sensitive.

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