Why is it important to have a very secure password for your mailbox?

Your mailbox is very often used to subscribe to services, games, social networks etc… That’s why hackers try to enter your email to find various information about you. This is why it is more than important to secure your mailbox!

For your mailbox: you need a password that is difficult to find

It is necessary to have a unique password that will be used just to get to your mailbox. It is important to have a password for each site or service you use on the Internet and this is even more true for the mailbox. If you have several emails, change your password each time.

To help you learn how to create and manage a complicated password, you can visit this article.

Why is it so important to choose your password correctly?

Having a similar password for an email account and your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks account is a serious mistake because it is a practice that involves many risks. Indeed, if by chance, there is a problem on social networks (as has already happened several times), you may be a victim of a data leak including your authentication means. The consequence is that a hacker or an unscrupulous individual could use it to collect information about you, your family or others on social networks but more importantly, he or she could also access your emails.

In addition, when this person is in your email, they will be able to see a large number of sites where you are registered and thus make fraudulent transactions or even blackmail. Moreover, it is also advisable not to leave too much sensitive data in your mailbox. Even more importantly, once it is in your mailbox or on your social networks, this individual may very well ask to change your password and then you will no longer be able to access them. The person can then pretend to be you.

Having a low level of security or using a password that is too simple exposes you to risks:

Usurpation of your mailbox to trap your contact list;

Added mail forwarding (often undetectable after compromising a mailbox): your emails continue to leak despite any subsequent password changes….

Connecting the hacker to your third-party sites and applications;

Use of your bank details to pay;

Identity theft thanks to the data collected in your mailbox;

Ransom request following compromising data found in your mailbox.

There are many other risks as well. So always take the time to choose the right passwords or use a solution adapted to your needs such as https://www.alpha-tav-vault.com/ This software for cybersecurity is very effective and very simple to use. It really increases the security of your files and data on your PC. So don’t wait any longer to check your various passwords and especially modify them as soon as possible if they are not secure enough. It only takes a few minutes but it can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

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